SMS or USSD Insurance remainders and payments

Mobile Insurance


We have USSD and SMS Insurance platform enables insurance companies to send Bulk SMS to their customers reminding them of various information particularly the expiry date of their respective insurance plans and query of their plans using SMS Shortcode or USSD channel. FastHub is the best and leading Bulk SMS and SMS Gateway provider in Tanzania that offers best Bulk Messaging and SMS gateway services for high throughput delivery of SMS and short message services.

Our Unique Mobile Insurance Features:

Acts as central database for customer relationship management.

Can be used to send notification of government policy updates and national holiday and seasonal greetings such as Independence Day, New Year’s etc.

Create a feedback pool, where by Insurance X can collect feedback directly from the public and respond to them accordingly.

Remind insurers of their expiry dates and premiums and other queries.


Feedback from clients

"Before the service we were not in a better position to extract very crucial information such as average wait time per customer, amount of time it takes to offer a certain service and are our branch peak hours. This type of information plays a significant role in our decision making especially when we are considering optimizing our branch operations to serve our customers better."
"The fact that the team is full of young and dedicated Tanzanians who were willing to go extra mile to meet our requirements. The team is open minded and passionate in what they do. It was such a smooth relationship which provided mutual benefits."
"Now we have real time insights and data which helps us in our strategic decision making process"
"It is a full digital and user friendly solution. It brings convenience to customers by allowing them to interact with your institution on their own convenience hence this increases the overall experience. It will provide you with very important information which will play a significant role in your decision making process, nothing is powerful as data especially when you can collect in real time"
"In the era of uncertainties and disruptions you need a solution which will add value to your customers because our customers determine our current and future state. This solution will improve your customer experience while providing with ROI based on the information you can extract from it."

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