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SMS shortcode


We have a SMS gateway service in Tanzania that offers SMS services through the use of SMS Shortcode. A Shortcode is a five-digit number (such as 12345) which can either be used to send or receive SMS alongside Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) from cell phone.
It is usually an easy number to remember which is significantly shorter than telephone numbers that allows two-way communication between our partners and their customers. Shortcodes are available either in Toll Free or in Standard Rates.

Our Unique SMS Shortcode Features:

Customers of Company X will be able to send messages for free to a five-digit short code (150XX) and such messages will be instantly visible online on a computer via the system provided by FastHub. Such messages can be of various purposes such as opinions, inquiries, complaints, responses to questions or call-for-actions.

A company can use SMS Shortcode to collect feedback from their target audience.

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